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byACRE Nordic Pioneer 

Versatile, lightweight & innovative aluminum rollator

A rollator that can handle being put to the test through any everyday activity. The Nordic Pioneer has all the classic benefits of a byACRE rollator walker: lightweight, forward-facing handles, easily foldable, and a comfortable built-in seat.

The Nordic Pioneer is slated to come to Canada in 2024. As of yet, no date has been set.

A next-generation rollator made from eco-friendly materials

  • Lightweight at only 13 lbs

  • Bump-proof EPP & aluminum frame for any encounter

  • Large, low-friction wheels for mixed terrain

  • Easily foldable for easy transport & storage

  • Forward-facing ergonomic handles for good posture

  • Comes fully assembled and ready to use

Redefined with physiotherapists’ expertise

Say hello to a new standard of comfort!


byACRE designed the Nordic Pioneer with physiotherapists to ensure the best walking experience possible.


Upright posture

The soft, forward-facing handles allow you to be close to the rollator, supporting a straightened back and minimizing the pressure on your shoulders, neck, and back.


Adjustable handles

An easy-to-push button lets you adjust the height of the handles quickly. With four height settings, the handle height goes from 33 to 37 inches.


Smooth walking

The ergonomic handles, large, soft wheels, and dynamic, arrow-shaped frame are specially designed for you to walk with ease, every day and everywhere.

A lightweight revolution in mobility

A regular rollator weighs around 22 lbs, making it difficult to handle in your daily life.


That’s why byACRE builds lightweight rollators. byACRE  believes that lightweight is the key to an active life!


The light weight of the Nordic Pioneer helps you conserve your strength and makes it much easier to lift your rollator in and out of the car, train or bus.


Walking up the stairs to your friend’s apartment, or simply maneuvering the curbs while shopping are all possible with a byACRE rollator 


The ultimate rollator stability starts here!



With its weight evenly distributed, there are no tipping points on the Nordic Pioneer.


The forward-facing handles give you optimal control by keeping the rollator close to your body.


In addition, the wheels provide stability by resisting rapid turns. This prevents wobbly walks and supports a smooth, comfortable walking experience.

Why do large, low-friction tires matter?


When every journey is an adventure, you will be well-served by the Nordic Pioneers' large, soft PUR tires which make it an extremely versatile all-around rollator.


  • Durability for long-lasting performance

  • Great shock absorption on uneven terrain

  • Excellent traction on every surface

  • Sealed glide bearings prevent wobbling

  • Puncture-proof for unhindered walking


The size of the tires was chosen to provide the perfect ratio of stability and enhanced maneuverability.


Twice the shock-absorption

byACRE wants you to have the best experience when going for a walk, on a shopping spree or meeting your friends in that new restaurant you always wanted to try out. The Nordic Pioneer covers shock absorption in two ways:

  • The large, soft PUR tires absorb the shock when rolling on irregular surfaces such as bumpy cobblestone or slippery floors.

  • The EPP frame is dent proof  - it absorbs all the bumps along the way. Its resistance to multiple impacts makes rolling fluid.

Nordic Pioneer-Black-09.png

A bump-proof frame

Sometimes that door frame is closer than you thought, the chair in the café was in the way, or the bushes grew onto the sidewalk.

The ultra-durable, multi-impact resistant EPP material keeps your rollator scratch-free and protects you from harsh jolts when bumping into things.


Aluminium: a rollator walker's best friend 

In byACRE's search for new materials, aluminum became an obvious choice because of its many properties.


Together, these make the Nordic Pioneer versatile and keep its weight to a minimum without compromising byACRE's high quality standards.


  • Incredibly lightweight

  • Strong & durable

  • Resistant to corrosion

  • Long lifecycle by being infinitely recyclable

  • Environmentally friendly



Nordic Pioneer - Frame.png

EPP = Expanded Polypropylene 


The Nordic Pioneer is byACRE's first expanded polypropylene rollator. Yes, it’s a little tricky to pronounce, so let’s stick with EPP.  EPP is an exceptionally versatile closed-cell bead foam.


Take a look at its cool, unique properties:


  • 100% recyclable

  • Lightweight material

  • Energy absorption & multi-impact resistance

  • Water & chemical resistant

  • High strength-to-weight ratio

Like to travel? No problem. 

A byACRE rollator is the ideal travel companion for any true globetrotter. Light, easy to fold, on-the-go-seating and compact. We have talked to some of our most experienced rollator travelers and asked them to share their experiences and travel tips.  


Yvonne, North Ireland


Verna, Texas USA


Elizabeth, New York USA


Norma, England

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