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the best rollator and wheelchair in one

Rollz rollators fit your life


With the 2 in 1 Rollz Motion and Rollz Motion Performance you always have the right mobility aid at hand: a modern rollator when you feel like walking and a wheelchair when you need to rest but want to keep going. This way you will still be able to take part in all activities, even when you have reached your walking limit. Simply unfold the wheelchair, attach the footrests and turn the handles around. Once you are rested, transform it back and use it as a walker again. Brilliantly designed, this innovative combination allows for stable, upright and comfortable walking both indoors and out.

The Rollz Flex is a compact, stable and lightweight rollator with a large shopping bag. Its innovative design enables the rollator to stay close to the body so that you can walk with optimum posture and it allows you to make tight turns in narrow spaces. The soft foam filled tires of the Rollz Flex 2 absorb vibrations for more comfortable walks.

COMING FALL 2023 - The Rollz Motion Electric

LEARN MORE: Rollz launches revolutionary electric wheelchair 

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Rollz Motion
Walk comfortably with style


Award winning Dutch design rollator and wheelchair in one. With the Rollz Motion you can lead an active life and enjoy going out even with limited mobility.


Rollz Motion Performance
All-terrain 2 in 1


Designed with pneumatic tires for frequent use and uneven surfaces. Has additional cushioning for sensitive hands, wrists, shoulders or back problems.


Rollz Flex
Compact, lightweight rollator 


The Rollz Flex rollator offers great support and steers lightly, even with a full shopping bag. The Flex gives you confidence to go out and do the activities that you enjoy.


Rollz Motion Rhythm Coming Soon
Parkinson rollator with customizable cues


This rollator is meant for people living with specific neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s. Multiple stimuli help the user take a first step, make subsequent steps, or maintain a walking rhythm.

Real People. Real Stories.

”I’ve gone on a few adventures with my Scooty-Puff over the last month. Nothing major, but a few trips to the mall, Chapters, a local park, the movies, and a museum. The park and the museum are adventures that I normally would have said no to, because my body is just too unpredictable to handle a lengthy walk and standing for long periods of time. But now I get to say yes to these things!”

Lisa, Damsel in a Dress


”Recently, I’ve had to accept that multiple sclerosis has caused me to need a little help staying vertical. A cane isn’t cutting it so I’ve been experimenting with rollators (formerly known as walkers). But on long days when my legs straight up quit, a rollator just isn’t enough to keep me on the dance floor (okay, the regular floor). Luckily, we live in The Future where rollators exist and that, with a few slick moves, convert to pushable chairs for just such occasions — like real-life Transformers but with less fire power. What? This blew my mind.”

Ardra Shepard, Tripping on Air


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