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rollz motion performance

All-terrain rollator with air tires

The Rollz Motion Performance is the "all-terrain" rollator-wheelchair combo. It comes with air-filled tires for advanced shock absorption. Other add-ons such as the extra soft armrests and wedge-shaped seat add to its comfort.

The Performance's pneumatic tires are designed for frequent use, especially on uneven surfaces and rugged terrain. It's also a perfect companion if you need longer rests and need additional cushioning for sensitive hands, wrists, shoulders or backaches.

Shock-free and low-vibration walker

If you suffer from painful joints, osteoarthritis, a hernia or back problems, walking and sitting can eventually make your body sore at a certain point. The Rollz Motion Performance is the answer to that as the rollator with air tires dampens vibrations and enables a softer and smoother experience that will ease your ride.

More comfort on rough terrain

Rollz designers understand that being active is important to keep stimulating your body and mind, and that walking in the outdoors is simply good for the soul. 


That's why they designed a rollator with pneumatic tires - to make the outdoors accessible and comfortable even when the going gets tough. Rough terrain, uneven sidewalks, gravel surfaces? Easy peasy. 

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rollz motion performance accessories
Accessories to add function to your Motion Performance
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