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A companion for strolls, trips and the outdoors


With its dynamic shape built for speed and a stylish look, Danish company, byACRE, has created the lightest walker in the world. Its innovative and unique design has been recognized by the world-renowned RED DOT design award. It is easy to maneuver and provides a smooth, fast and effortless ride.


From the frame to the forks and the brake handles, the look is simple, non-medical looking, sleek and stylish.


Carbon Ultralight

World's lightest rollator


The lightest rollator you will find at 4,8kg (10.6 lbs). Perfect for an urban environment. Carbon fiber frame with a lifetime warranty. Forward-facing ergonomic handles promote good posture. Integrated brakes and easy height adjustment.


Great for the outdoors


Ultra durable pneumatic tires and superb suspension. Tough yet lightweight: 6,7kg (14.8 lbs). Rigid front forks and sealed bearings withstand all conditions and terrains. Carbon fibre frame (5x stronger than steel) has a lifetime warranty.


Scandinavian Butler
Great for indoors and around the home NEW!


The shape of the Butler allows you to get as close as possible to table tops and appliances such as the coffee machine or the washing machine, or any type of furniture or object where you would need the extra stability.

Real People. Real Stories

Ardra Shepard, award-winning blogger

“I bought a Carbon Ultralight for my mom. After 20 years of using the heavy, clumsy one from the municipality she feels such a big difference. She doesn’t have to push the rollator in front of her because it is so light, and she does not look like everybody else when walking around. And it is so much easier for me when I have to lift it into the car.” ​

Per, Denmark

“I am at the point where the concept of a walker is a stark reality. All walkers I have looked at in the US look flimsy, medical, screaming that I am becoming more disabled, and make me feel even more self-conscious and lower my self-esteem even more. Your products set the standard. Now I feel I can get out and start moving again with confidence, pride, joy, not shame, feeling less than adequate, and embarrassed. This is HUGE for me.”​

Sarah, US

“My byACRE arrived yesterday and I love it. I will no longer be self-conscious about using a walker in public and as such my MS won’t hold me back. ”

Sandi, Canada

“I just wanted to let you know that I am loving my byACRE rollator! I am well enough now to be using it and I’ve never seen anything like it around here. When cab drivers put it in their trunk, they are amazed at how light and compact it is. I do have my heavy duty all-terrain one for when I need it, but for most of the time now, this one is absolutely perfect. It really is very cool looking and so well constructed.

Julie, Canada

“My rollator arrived today. Great service and public relations. Love it, love it. It makes me feel like I have to put my makeup on and smart clothes so it is definitely living up to its slogan Age is the New Black. The designer definitely thought outside the box!!!”

Katherine, Canada

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