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rollz flex 2

lightweight rollator with shopping bag

Rollz Flex is a compact, stable and lightweight rollator with a large shopping bag. Its innovative design enables the rollator to stay close to the body so that you can walk with optimum posture. The short wheel base allows you to make tight turns in narrow spaces.

This rollator offers great support and steers lightly, even with a full shopping bag. The beautiful design can even encourage those who are struggling  to accept their condition to feel more confident when going out. The soft foam filled tires of the Rollz Flex 2 absorb vibrations for a more comfortable walk. The Rollz Flex (small) is available in pearl white only. With a lower seat placed at 20.7 inch height, it is suitable for people between 4.6 ft and 5.25 ft. 

rollator walker with shopping bag

  • Stylish - Fully certified rollator walker with the look of a designer shopper.

  • Safe - Safe braking in any weather conditions. The brake cables are concealed within the frame.

  • Convenient – Rest on the leather look seat while having the handlebar as a supportive backrest.

  • Easy aid – Go over doorsteps and curbs easily with the curb assistant, even with a full loaded bag.

  • Light and compact - The Rollz Flex weighs only 7.7 kg and is easily foldable into a compact package.

  • Maneuverable - Light steering and easy motion thanks to the small turning cycle.

  • Comfortable – Comfortable ride thanks to the soft tires.

  • Practical – The large water-resistant bag can carry up to 20 kg. Includes removable inner bag.

  • Flexible– Easy adjustable handlebar for different heights.

You choose the level of support.
The handlebar adjusts from upright to all the way forward.

Our designers developed a lightweight rollator with different levels of support. When the handlebar is all the way up, it offers light support and the possibility to steer it with one hand. If the handlebar is placed all the way forward, it offers maximum stability.

There are even a couple of other possibilities in between - just choose what suits you best on a given day and situation. Rollz Flex is as flexible as its name suggests.

It walks, shops and strolls with you

The Rollz Flex goes where you want it to go, be it to the supermarket, a museum or a restaurant. It carries your shopping and offers you a seat to rest when you are in need for a break. The lightweight rollator keeps you safe and stable and makes your world as big as you want it to be.

rollz flex 2 accessories
Accessories to add function to your Flex
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