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byACRE Scandinavian Butler

Designed to assist you like a true butler in your home.

The shape of the Butler allows you to get as close as possible to table tops and appliances such as the coffee machine or the washing machine, or any type of furniture or object where you would need the extra stability.


The wheels and the brake system are an integrated part of the shape, and ensure a smooth ride and the ability of braking and parking with just one hand – so the other hand is free to do other things around the home.


Both the shape and the materials used – like the faux leather handle – were greatly inspired by Scandinavian furniture design, where sleek lines, craftsmanship and a classic look is essential.

A real butler

The Scandinavian Butler comes with a convenient tray and basket. The tray works both as a serving cart and a small table when needed. The basket will fit most of your daily necessities; everything from books, an iPad to a blanket, knitwear or snacks.


Use the Scandinavian Butler to assist you with carrying your morning coffee, your favorite book or your smartphone.


You can have it next to your chair, desk or your bed and you can use it to assist you if you need a little extra help to get up.


The stable and stylish companion for your home

  • Blends in with your furniture

  • Strong and robust steel frame

  • One-hand only operation of handle and brake

  • 360° maneuverability and stability

  • Designed to get close to your furniture, counter tops, and appliances

  • Maximum responsiveness and easy turning with 8 independently turning wheels

  • Stylish and stable

More than a rollator

Your home is your home, a mirror of your personal style and interests, and it should stay that way even if you’re challenged on your mobility. 

The Scandinavian Butler is designed to blend in with your furniture and be a beautiful part of your home that you don’t want to hide.

The design of the rollator walker draws on the traditions from Scandinavian furniture design, where sleek lines, craftsmanship and a classic look is essential.

The Scandinavian Butler is not only stylish, also a suitable and safe companion in your home.

The soft rubber wheels easily handle doorsteps and carpets and will not create surface marks on your floor. All while offering maximum stability and function as a serving cart when needed. 

The Scandinavian Butler will not interfere with home and the feeling of it being your home. The Scandinavian Butler will just be a stylish, subtle and safe addition to your home.

Besides, you will not need to remove your carpets and doorsteps just because you start using an indoor rollator walker.

Your most stable rollator

The most important thing when it comes to an indoor rollator is stability.


With an indoor rollator,  stability outweighs the need for being light weight as you don’t have to lift and transport the rollator the same way you do with an outdoor rollator. Instead it is important to rely on something stable and steady. 

A little bit heavier, a lot more stable

When producing all of our outdoor models, the focus has been to balance between extreme low weight and high stability to offer an active life on-the-go where extreme light weight and good stability is essential.

With the Scandinavian Butler, we’ve focused mainly on making a robust and stable rollator walker that offers the best stability on the market. This is one of the most important features for an indoor rollator. 

The Scandinavian Butler is not made to be lifted and transported, instead it acts as a stable companion for you in every activity in your home.

While stability is the priority for the Scandinavian Butler, it still has a weight that makes it easy to maneuver and to do small lifts.


You are in the center

The Scandinavian Butler is designed to put you at the center. We mean that in the most literal sense, it is shaped so that you are standing in the middle of it.

This means that you get optimal support, even when leaning to the side. It also means that you get great control over the rollator and can maneuver it smoothly.

Your center of gravity together with the weight of the rollator makes the Scandinavian Butler your most reliable and stable indoor rollator walker.

360° maneuverability in your home

The Scandinavian Butler is made so you are standing right in the middle of the rollator. This increases your control over the rollator so you can walk safely.

It also enables you to maneuver the rollator with absolute ease. And on top of that you won’t have to use any strength when turning it. Perfect for every activity in your home.

Get really close to the things in your home

The design of the Scandinavian Butler enables you to get really close to all objects in your home, for whatever everyday activity you are up to. Trust the Scandinavian Butler to assist you for all activities in your home.




Take your Scandinavian Butler to the kitchen and be assured of getting close to your countertops, dishwasher or fridge with ease.


You’ll get close to the stove while cooking dinner and your countertop while brewing coffee. 




Take the Scandinavian Butler with ease over your doorstep and out to your terrace


You’ll get close to your plants in your garden and the outdoor BBQ.


The rollator fits through most standard doorways as it is only 58,8 cm wide.




In the bathroom the Butler offers stability while brushing your teeth, doing your hair or acting as a stable companion while getting up from the toilet seat.


Get close to the sink and toilet while doing your everyday necessities and the Butler will assist you. 


Living Room


You will be able to get close to the windowsill to water your plants or close to your coffee table to sit down and relax. 


Take it with you to the dining table and let it act as a stable companion.




Let the Scandinavian Butler assist you in getting in and out of bed.


You can have it really close to bed so it’s always nearby to assist you and offer support and stability.


Chair Assistance


No more struggle when getting in and out of a chair.


Rely on the stable Scandinavian Butler to help you and be assured to have a stable companion for every activity in your home.