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electric conversion kit

electric conversion kit

The electric conversion kit is designed to upgrade your Rollz Motion rollator into an electric wheelchair. The kit includes four wheels, two footrests with heel protection, an anti-tipping aid, an under-seat basket, a motor, a battery, a charger, a joystick controller, and a push support controller.


The electric conversion kit is compatible with Rollz Motion, Rollz Motion Performance, and Rollz Motion Rhythm (when used with the wheelchair package accessory).

Next level independence


No help needed

Joystick-controlled wheelchair.


Turns on the spot even in narrow spaces.

Modular system

Adaptable to different mobility needs.


Walk with the rollator or drive independently in the electric wheelchair.

Driving comfort

The large rear wheels and foam handles ensure driving comfort.


Rollator, electric wheelchair and push wheelchair with electric assistance.


Safe and dosed braking thanks to the drum brakes.


Walking upright, stable and safely supported.

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