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Carbon Ultralight

World's lightest rollator


The lightest rollator you will find at 4,8kg (10.6 lbs). Perfect for an urban environment. Carbon fiber frame with a lifetime warranty. Forward-facing ergonomic handles promote good posture. Integrated brakes and easy height adjustment.


Great for the outdoors NEW!


Ultra durable pneumatic tires and superb suspension. Tough yet lightweight: 6,7kg (14.8 lbs). Rigid front forks and sealed bearings withstand all conditions and terrains. Carbon fibre frame (5x stronger than steel) has a lifetime warranty.


Scandinavian Butler
Wheels for the home


Designed to get around the house safely. Strong and robust steel frame. Includes a large tray and basket to transport your things and get as close as possible to your furniture. One-hand only operation of handle and brake. (availability not yet determined)

”I’ve gone on a few adventures with my Scooty-Puff over the last month. Nothing major, but a few trips to the mall, Chapters, a local park, the movies, and a museum. The park and the museum are adventures that I normally would have said no to, because my body is just too unpredictable to handle a lengthy walk and standing for long periods of time. But now I get to say yes to these things!”

Lisa, Damsel in a Dress


”Recently, I’ve had to accept that multiple sclerosis has caused me to need a little help staying vertical. A cane isn’t cutting it so I’ve been experimenting with rollators (formerly known as walkers). But on long days when my legs straight up quit, a rollator just isn’t enough to keep me on the dance floor (okay, the regular floor). Luckily, we live in The Future where rollators exist and that, with a few slick moves, convert to pushable chairs for just such occasions — like real-life Transformers but with less fire power. What? This blew my mind.”

Ardra Shepard, Tripping on Air


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